Data backup


Data synchronization

Tomography data collection requires a stable control system to manage a number to apparatus to get along well and corresponding with one another.  In order to minimize the risk of interrupting data collection, the control computer at XTM beamline is reserved to controlling experimental hutch only.  CT reconstruction is not allowed to run on this control computer. 

For beamtime efficiency, all X-ray projections are automatically backup on cloud server:    TOMOX-USER during the data collection.  Then, they are synchronized on Champagne, a computer workstation making everything ready for CT reconstruction and analysis. Diagram of XTM data synchronization is demonstrated below.

data backup.JPG

Remote access

All of user’s data are stored in cloud server namely “TOMOX-USER”.  Typically 1 week before your beamtime, user will receive a notification email from the beamline manager in which username & password for remote access are informed.  We encourage users to backup data within 30 days after the beamtime.  However, we will try our best to keep your data as long as possible but we can not guarantee the time. 


Summary of local regulations

•     Users should clean and return sample holders after beamtime.

•     Users must bring their own sample and waste home after beamtime.

•     Control computer is reserved for data collection.  It is not allowed to run CT reconstruction.

•     User are permitted to backup data via remote access or web browser only. 

       USB or external harddisk is not allowed to local backup. 

•     Remote access to your data will be expired in 30 days after your beamtime.  Extension of   

       access can be requested after expiration.